Country Garden Preschool/Daycare

The UMCW is proud to offer the premier church sponsored preschool and daycare center in the City of Waterbury which is open to children beginning at 18 months to 12 years old. To learn more visit the Country Garden website:

Music Ministry

F.R.O.G. Patrol

Fabulous Fridays

Wednesday Evening Prayer Time

Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary. A half hour of quiet, individual and guided prayer lead by the pastor. We begin with a short prayer and reading from the psalms and is followed by a period of silence for individual prayers. The pastor then reads the names of those on our prayer concern lists and prayers are said for each person named.

Faith Nurture

WALK THROUGH THE BOOK OF ACTS will be the emphasis of our Bible study during the months of April, May and June to coincide with the television mini series, A.D., The Bible Continues to be shown on NBC beginning on Easter Sunday and continue through June 21st. Each Sunday following worship Pastor Bob will be walking us through the book of Acts of the Apostles and connecting the Biblical text to the TV series.