About Us

Our Mission

The United Methodist Church of Waterbury is committed to using its resources to aid and empower local, regional, national and world organizations to do good work.

Our Governance

The United Methodist Church of Waterbury follows the United Methodist Book of Discipline’s instruction to structure its organization in a way that best serves the local congregation. We are governed by an ALL CHURCH HOLY CONFERENCE, that meets once a quarter. Everyone who attends the church is welcome to fully participate in the discussion and vote on matters pertaining to the life and ministry of the church.

The Quarterly Holy Conference takes place immediately following the worship service and lasts for about 1.25 hours. Each meetings begins with a short Bible study, followed by any business needing action. The bulk of the meeting is a specific topic of interest related to the life of our church. This is an opportunity for all those who are invested in the life of the UMCW to have a say in church matters.